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Solar Powered Mosquito Insect

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The main function of this product is to repel the mosquito which
is a nuisance to the human beings, by using the newest technology
of "Sound-Wave". According to the scientific research,
the female mosquitoes obtain their nutritious substance
by attacking the human beings during their lay period,
and they meanwhile dislike the approach of the male mosquitoes.
So, this repeller produces the frequency of the male mosquitoes
(around 5000Hz-9000 Hz) to repel the female mosquitoes away.
And this physical principle guarantees no harm to any human,
animal, or environmental pollution.

Sound frequency: 5000Hz-9000Hz
Specifications: 8.8x6.8x1.2cm
Model: 12D8
Working Power: 0.01W
Material: ABS plastic
Effective area: 5 square meters
Color: Green
Weight: 45g

1 x Solar powered mosquito repellent
1 x User guide

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Yderligere information

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