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2Pairs Summer running comfortable cycling socks breathable sports compression stockings

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349,00 DKK



1. Made of high quality nylon material, which is resistant to wear and difficult to pill, but also soft and comfortable.
2. Socks are designed according to ergonomics, in line with human foot shape characteristics, so your feet can have a comfortable experience.
3. The socks are light and breathable and fit the skin, helps the sole of the foot to drain the sweat, making your ride feel dry and comfortable.
4. This sock has a high elastic design, can effectively wrap the foot, reduce friction in motion, protect the sole of the foot from injury.
5. Stitches on the seams are fine, not easy to grind your feet and comfortable to wear.
6. Suitable for cycling, mountain climbing, hiking, running.

Material: Nylon
Color: Black, White, Light Grey
Size: as show

2 pairs socks breathable sports

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Yderligere information

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