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Solar power bank

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The charger battery is widely used for most mobile phones and other digital devices for charging.
Light weight and thin design with metal shell.
It can charge by sunshine or computer or AC power.
Built-in 10000 mAh high capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
10000mAh capability, powerful with long operation time.
High efficiency of power convertion.
With LED power indicator.
Long cycle life.

Solar panel:1.5W.
Input:DC 5V-1000 mAh.
Output:DC - 1000 mAh - 2100 mAh.
for iPhone/Samsung/Nokia/HTC/LG mobile phones etc.
for iPad/Tablet etc.
for PSP/Camera etc.
Color: black,silver,blue,red,Gold,Rose

Features: Outdoor camping LED light

1 x 10000Mah solar charger power bank.
1 x USB to DC socket cable.
5 x Connector adapter(for iPhone 5/4S,Mini USB connector,Micro USB connector etc.)

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Yderligere information

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