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3 in one Bamboo charcoal fiber storage boxes

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-3Pcs, 24-Cell, 7-Cell, 6-Cell Panty Underwear Socks Ties Bras Organizer Storage Bag Box
-Lined with bamboo charcoal fiber, known to have natural Anti-bacterial and Anti-Fungal Properties to keep your undergarments dry and fresh.
-Perfect for storing and organizing things like, neck ties, underwear, bras, pantyhose, stockings, leggings, socks, scarfs and more.
-Get your drawers in order so you'll never have to search too long for your favourite pair of underwear.

6-Cell : 33*15*9.5cm
7-Cell : 33*31.5*9.5cm
24-Cell: 33*31.5*9.5cm
Color: Grey
Material: Bamboo charcoal fiber

1x 6-Cell box
1x 7-Cell box
1x 24-Cel box

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Yderligere information

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