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Three-level thermostat outdoor sports heating gloves

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1.089,00 DKK



Color: Black.
Material: Polyester/nylon
Power supply: 3xAA batteries(not included).
Size      Glove length              Palm width      Palm length
M              32.5cm                   12.5cm             22.5cm
L               33.0cm                   13.0cm             23cm
XL             34.0cm                   13.5cm             23.7cm

The heated gloves are made of high quality material, waterproof and breathable, make hands feel comfortable and warm.
Electric heated gloves, heating elements run to the tips of the fingers, not just in the hand.
Healthy and safe: promote blood circulation, relieve fingers caused by cold of stiffness, keep hands warm and cozy.
For many occasions: perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities like racing, fishing, hiking, skiing, motorcycling, hunting,
climbing, running, sledding etc. Enjoy outdoor sports even in a harsh winter.
With switch:With temperature adjustable Button (3 Levels)
Note:For daily waterproof use only, can't be soaked in the water.


Package includes:
1 Pair of Gloves(not included 3 AA batteries)

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Yderligere information

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