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Unisex Touch Screen Gloves

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149,00 DKK

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149,00 DKK



-Material: Knitting & wool
-Soft Stretch Knit Gloves Designed for Touch screen Navigation Thumb
-Navigate both winter and your Smartphone at once with the Magic Touchscreen Gloves.
Forget frostbitten fingertips. Numb thumbs are dumb. Scroll,
pinch and swipe painlessly all winter long.
-The thumb, index and middle finger tips of the Magic Touchscreen
Gloves contain conductive fibers that allow you to navigate your
touch screen device as though you were using your bare fingers.
In case you haven’t already tried it, most regular gloves will
not work with your touch screen device. No need to bear bare fingers!

-Color: black,purple,pink,sky blue,dark blue,rose,white,grey,red,coffee.
-Size: One Size (Suitable for most people)

1 pair x Gloves

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Yderligere information

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