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High temperature resistant round grill mat

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1. The grill mat is dishwasher safe, non-toxic, safe for food contact, and prevents food from rotting.
2. The round grill mat is non-stick with PTFE coating, very shiny, not easy to stick to food, convenient to use.
3. It is very convenient for the user to clean the outdoor barbecue mat, which can be directly rinsed with water and then dried, saving time and effort.
4. The round grill mat is high temperature resistant, non-stick, easy to clean, reusable and very environmentally friendly.
5. The reusable grill mat is suitable for frying, cooking, grilling, etc. according to different preferences to meet individual needs.



Colour: Black
Diameter: 40cm
Thickness: 0.2mm
Material: glass fiber cloth + Teflon coating
Function: Mat on the grill to prevent food from falling and sticking. Can also be put in the oven.


How to use:
Clean it first, start a fire, and when there is no flame, spread the grill mat on the grill to preheat for a few seconds, and then you can start grilling food.


1 pc x High temperature resistant round grill mat

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Yderligere information

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