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waist trainer corset sweat belt for woman weight loss workout fitness

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1.Increase fat burning neoprene vests work like sauna suits. The neoprene material helps to increase our body temperature and keeps the body warm, and provides a sauna bath for your abdomen, which increases your sweating volume by 3 times than before, and increases the amount of calories burned, thus enabling exercise More effective.

2.It helps to burn fat on the abdomen, waist and back, and helps you lose a few inches in a short time, and achieve the weight loss effect more easily and faster.

3.Back support and posture control This personal trainer can also act as a compression cream around the waist to provide abdominal compression and lumbar support to improve posture and relieve lumbar pain and protect the spine.

4.Suitable for any weight loss plan. Our women's sauna vest can even cover your lower abdomen! It is most suitable for Zumba dance, yoga, gym, fitness, running, cycling, boxing, muscle building, fat burning and weight loss exercises, abdominal reduction and body rebuilding activities.

Size: S-3XL
Color: Gray,Black
Material: Spandex
Option :1 belt, 2 belt,3 belt

1x Slimming belt

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Yderligere information

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