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Wireless large suction power electric scraping instrument

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719,00 DKK



1.6-speed LED display light/12-speed LCD digital LED display, four independent buttons can separate the machine, adjust the suction and heating gears, and suspend the cupping adsorption function, which is easy to use.
2. Continuous output of negative pressure under high energy consumption; built-in large-capacity lithium battery, fully charged once, massage once a day, can be used for more than a week
3. Use on the whole body, enjoy relaxation anytime, anywhere


Color: red, blue, black
Options: 6 gears, 12 gears
6 gears: breathing pressure, 6-level red light heating, 6-level negative pressure, LED display, one-button suction, timing design, three-in-one scraping and cupping massage (USB charging cable)
12 gears: breathing pressure, 12-level red light heating, 12-level negative pressure, LCD display, one-key pressure relief, timing design, friction massage, three-in-one cupping (USB charging cable)



1set x Wireless large suction power electric scraping instrument

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Yderligere information

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