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Wine Bottle Mini Pourer

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Chic Olecranon shape design, with durable stand.
Easy use and fast breathe the wine
When wine is poured in it, it's internal design creates an increase
in the wine's velocity and a decrease in its pressure. This pressure
difference creates a vacuum that draws in air which is mixed with
wine for perfect aeration.
Through full access to wine and air, so that the smell of wine
distributed, and a substantial reduction of the bitter taste of the wine.
Poured directly into the bottle, to complete the traditional
30 minutes of Sober up process.
Easy to carry and use
Applicable: 1.7cm-2cm General wine bottle
Material: Acrylic+Silicone
Main Color: Black+Clear
Size: about 17.5cm*8.5cm

Option: With base,No base

1x Kitchen Bar Red Wine Decanter Pourer

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Yderligere information

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