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Waist trainer yoga fitness shapewear

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529,00 DKK



1. This women's three-section waist trainer is designed with three independent parts, which can adjust local pressure according to your own needs, shaping waist and abdominal control, more flexible and adjustable than other waist trainers, stomach slimming waist easily . Available in black and skin tones, you have more choices to instantly create an hourglass figure and keep you feeling comfortable all day long.
2. High-quality material: The women's waist trainer is made of super-elastic fabric (35% latex 65% polyester), which has strong abdominal control properties and can firmly flatten the abdomen and smooth the back roll. After 10,001 elastic tests, the product has stable elasticity, is not easily deformed, and is durable. Helps eliminate excess fat and prevent swelling.
3.3 Flexible hook adjustment: Women's lower waist corset has a three-row button design that can flexibly adjust the tightness and reduce size problems; it uses thick square buckles and is reinforced with double needles to prevent them from falling off easily. This underbust waist trainer measures 11.4 inches front to back, whether you have a long or short torso, this women's waist trainer will fit you well. It's non-slip and smooth and stays in place no matter what you do.


Material: 35% latex 65% polyester
Color: black, skin color
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


1 Pc x Waist trainer yoga fitness shapewear

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Yderligere information

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