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Car Scratch Repair Cloth

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1. Raw materials carefully selected, use polyester fiber material
2. The use of nano special micro-dissolving technology, can break down scratch scratches, paint molecules, activated color difference with polyester fiber cloth, through the friction coefficient of micro-metal powder to achieve the effect of removing marks
3. It is to say goodbye grinding scratch terminator, with scratch repair, strong decontamination, the role of effective polishing
4. regardless of paint color, ease of use
5. Easy to use, easy to carry

Product Name : Car repair rags
Material : Nano-polyester fiber
Size : 20*10*0.2CM
Weight : 0.04kg
Suitable : Universal For All The Cars

1. When using the product, do not touch the water, keep the car dry
2. Use the product within three days (try not to wash the car, wet the water), the longer the use, the better. Groove-type scratches, primer is not recommended to use exposed
3. Exterior glaze, coating, plating crystal paint, not recommended within three months
4. Black Department of the vehicle, you need to blow dry van brush paint to white, so that the surface without grease, to confirm the use of no color

1x Car Scratch Repair Cloth

1x Repair fluid

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Yderligere information

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